The new factory for flexible packaging of INTRAMA has opened the doors

The new factory of INTRAMA in “Trakia Economic Zone” – Plovdiv has opened the doors and started operation. 

The company invests BGN 20 million in the construction of a highly-technological enterprise for production and printing of flexible packaging films. The newly-built factory includes production, logistics, warehouse and administrative premises and provides over 100 work places. Thus INTRAMA proves to be the biggest producer of flexible packaging films in Bulgaria.

The investment decision is the result of INTRAMA’s constant striving for self-improvement and development thorough analysis of the market tendencies and the customers’ needs. Thanks to the new factory, INTRAMA has increased its productivity of high-quality packaging films by 400% and shortened delivery times to the minimum. 

With the new extrusion installation INTRAMA produces up to 18-layer films with various barriers.

The newly-built plant of INTRAMA has been equipped with the most advanced technologies for extrusion, printing and lamination of barrier films. The company has confided to one of the world leaders in the delivery of equipment for coextruded tubular film. Thanks to the new extrusion installation, INTRAMA produces up to 18-layer films with various thickness, width and composition, suitable for packaging of any type of food and non-food products, requiring barrier films for vacuum, flowpack as well as for Modified Atmosphere (MAP) packaging technologies.  

With the new extrusion installation, INTRAMA produces thinner films with the same excellent barrier and mechanical properties and wide functionality range such as peel, anti-fog and reclosable.

The new films of INTRAMA are arranged in 5 groups:
                                                                 Top In - Top films for tray-sealers and thermoforming machines                                                                                  




Form In – Bottom films for thermoforming




Flow In  – Films for flow-pack machines




Lam In – Films for lamination




Plex In – Specially structured films


A laboratory for tests of all important quality properties of the films has been implemented to guarantee impeccable packaging quality. Every day, a highly-qualified team of technologists conducts a broad range of quality tests. A particular focus is put on defining the strength and stretching degree, static and dynamic friction coefficient as well as monitoring the distribution of the separate polymer layers in the composition of the multi-layer films.


INTRAMA has invested in a highly-tech printing machine. 

INTRAMA has introduced an 8EG flexo-solvent technology for printing of flexible packaging, which guarantees high printing quality and persistence of the colour register in a circulation

The film printing machine has been provided by one of the global producers of printing equipment and satisfies the highest quality and printing speed standards. In addition, the machine allows printing over another print thus reaching a shiny or matte effect on a certain part. A team of polygraph specialists measure the colour values and follow the printing quality. The pre-print department processes the files submitted and assists in the choice of the best printing vision.

The INTRAMA printing house offers film lamination as well. The company has bought a latest model of a lamination machine characterized by speed and impeccable lamination quality.